Towards a Descriptive Simulation of Russian Food Supply Chains

By: Bruce Edmonds
Date: 15th Sept 2005
CPM Report No.: CPM-05-154

Presented at the ESSA 2005 conference in September in Koblenz, Germany.


Work in progress towards a descriptive social simulation is described.  The phenomena of concern are the systems that supply food to those in Russia – Russian food supply chains.  The ultimate aim is to represent, within a single simulation framework, the situations in this regard at different stages in recent history, namely the situations in:  the recent Soviet era; immediately after the collapse of the Soviet system; and the recent situation.  The design of this simulation has been informed by consultations with experts, following a design/implement/present/redesign cycle.  This process is on-going so that what is presented is a snapshot of the current state of the model.  Some preliminary results of the model are presented illustrating some the characteristics of this.. 

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