The Design And Use Of Integrated And Agent-Based Models For Freshwater Resource Management
- Report Of Workpackage 3 Of The Firma Project

By (in order of appearence): Bruce Edmonds, David Hales, Matt Hare, Margaret Edwards, François Goreaud, Sylvie Huet, Guillaume Deffuant, Olivier Barreteau, Anne-Laure Borderelle, Flavie Cernesson, Joerg Krywko, Pieter Valkering, Jan Rotmans, Anne van der Veen, Adolfo López-Paredes, David Sauri, Claudia Pahl-Wostl, Davide Medugno, Johannes Heeb, Felix Hube, Nigel Gilbert, Tasia Asakawa, Sarah Maltby, Claire Haggett, Olivier Barthelemy, Scott Moss, Rosaria Conte, and Roberto Pedone
Date: September 2002
CPM Report No.: CPM-03-119

This was the report on the modelling workpackage of the FIRMA project, edited and brought together by Bruce Edmonds with contributions from the above. For more information on the FIRMA project see


This report summarises most of the resulting models done in workpackage three of the FIRMA project.  It does not cover all the models that were developed for the function of many of these were as prototypes, designed to inform the development of later models.  The focus was the integration of the representation of social issues with the other issues in agent-based models and their participatory use with stakeholders.  As was documented in workpackage two, it turned out that the problems and concerns presented by the five regions were very different.  Instead of a ‘top-down’ approach to modelling, a ‘bottom-up approach has occurred – the modelling has been driven by the stakeholders’ concerns in the five regions rather than an academic concern for abstraction.  However, core elements have emerged, especially in the areas of negotiation and participation and the integration of the different projects (workpackage 6) is already occurring. 

The models that are described in this report demonstrate that agent-based modelling can be used to effectively integrate some of the different aspects of situations in a single model.  They also show how an agent-based framework can facilitate a model’s participatory use and they show the huge potential that such models have in informing water management practices.
Keywords: simulation, agent-based modelling, integrated assesment, fresh water resources

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