Sociology and Simulation:
- Statistical and Qualitative Cross-Validation

CPM Report No.: 03-105
By: Scott Moss and Bruce Edmonds
Date: 12th Jan 2003.

Published as:
Moss, S. and Edmonds, B. (2005) Sociology and Simulation: - Statistical and Qualitative Cross-Validation, American Journal of Sociology, 110(4).


The observance of unpredictable episodes of clustered volatility in some data series has led to the development of models of social processes that will give rise to such clustered volatility.  Such models are not, however, validated directly against qualitative evidence about the behaviour of individuals and how they interact.  An agent based simulation model of the effect of drought on domestic water consumption is reported here that is the outcome of a process of development involving stakeholders to inform and validate the model qualitatively at micro level while ensuring that numerical outputs from the model cohere with observed time series data.  We argue that this cross-validation of agent based social simulation models is a significant advancement in the analysis of social process.

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