Online Tutorial Page(for the ESRC / Oxford Spring School material)

This page links to the practical exercises for the Social Networks and Agent-Based Modelling tutorial.

 Part 1 (lecture format)

Slides:   Introduction    a.m .    p.m

Presentation on theory of Social Networks and ABMs, introducing the two models we shall be looking at:  JinGirNew(JGN) Network model and the Innovation Model, and the tutorial software: JAVA, RePast and RealJ.

Part 2 (lab class format)

Practical 1: Start  RePast, load the JinGirNewNet demo model, run simulations and produce the Pajek network files.

Practical 2*: Open RealJ and create a project for JinGirNewNet.  Modify the source code and recompile the demo. Start Java and call RePast from within the RealJ environment.

Practical 3: Work with the Innovation Model using the  RePast toolbar and use the visualisations to describe the network dynamics. Generate datasets for both one- and two two-mode networks.

Pdf versions of these practicals   practical1.pdf   practical2.pdf   practical3.pdf

* Practical 2 can be safely skipped by those only interested in using the models but not in the programming aspects.

 Installation Instructions

Install Repast 3.1 (in the recommended directory, something like: C:\Program Files\Repast 3\Repast J\) and RealJ (if following the programmers version).

I recommend these two models are unzipped in  two new folders (c:\repast models\JinGirNewNet and c:\repast models\InnovationModel) and subdirectories (\data) are created to store the network outputs.

Link to Gindo  Tampubolon's material