Programming Modules

I am working in SDML, Java and RePast. On this page you will find a few models/demonstrations which may be downloaded and used for teaching/educational material.


SDML release versions 3.4 and above have user interface capability. The following two modules demonstrate the use of user inteface types and predicates:  prettypicture.sdm (Shift + left click to download) demonstrates how to make different kinds of pictures (lines, circles, rectangles etc.) and display them in a window; exchange.sdm   (Shift + left click to download) provides a template module for making cellular automata models and a market model example.


The culture model   is a java application based on a model of cultural transmission described in ch. 7, The Complexity of Cooperation, (1997) by Robert Axelrod. Simulation experiments with this model demonstrate the formation of  stable regions of cultural homogeneity. To run this model, you will need the  Java 2 SDK.
Compile with command:    javac
and run with command:     java CultureModel output_file.txt
The data are output to the screen and to the file output_file.txt
The model behaviour can be explored by altering the following parameter values: grid size, number of features, number of traits.


I, and colleagues at CPM, have created several template models for development of advanced RePast and JESS Java capabilities. These files are reasonably well commented.

  • Network grid demo combines social networks with spatial territory in a single display.
  • GIS template allows the user to get and manipulate GIS data.
  • JESS template allows the modeller to use declarative programming integrated with Java and RePast.

Please visit my teaching page to find some RePast models more useful for demonstration and teaching.

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