A swanee wistle, some air and two servos The latest thing is a swanee wistle connected to a microphone via a computer and some servos.   Primarily inspired by conversations with Roger Moore involving beer, this device is part of an experimental set-up looking at mimicry.   Can this device, with two degrees of freedom (pitch & volume) recognizably mimic human speech?   The model is based on Roger's PRESENCE model (PREdictive SENsorimotor Control and Emulation) of cognition.  

It should also provide a demonstration of the complexities of human interaction and turn-taking in my SALT-E model of attention published in this paper this paper which appeared in a workshop on Companionable Dialogue Systems at ACL in 2010.

"Tethered" Yes it is a walking frame and a pair of crutches, with some pneumatics.  When people ask me why, I say that it is just art, and hence needs no explanation.  Here is the movie...  And some things that distinguish it from other robots: