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Tue, 28 Dec 1999 00:29:16 -0500

From: Raymond Recchia <>
Subject: Re: memetics and genetics
Date: Tue, 28 Dec 1999 00:29:16 -0500

>My adaption would be:
>Memes are the self-transmittable mechanism by which the
>synaptic connections in a brain are altered.
>Rob Geurtsen
>Joshua 'Glok' Sutubra wrote:
>> I propose this solution;
>> Memes are the transmittable mechanism by which the
>> synaptic connections in a brain are altered.
Rabies or mad cow disease would both be memes under these definitions

Along similar lines is Aaron Lynch's definition:

>MEME: (pronounced 'meem') 1. A self-spreading thought, idea, attitude,
belief, or other brain-stored item of learned culture. 2. (Technical usage)
A memory item, or portion of an organism's neurally-stored information,
whose occurrence depended critically on causation by prior occurrence of the
same memory item in one or more other organisms' nervous systems.
Slightly more specific, this definition avoids the problem suggested above.

Raymond O. Recchia

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