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Subject: RE: memes and dancing
Date: Thu, 23 Dec 1999 15:32:58 -0600

> The individual is what is born. All the rest follows, and, yes, all the
> rest is environmentally determined and interacted with.
[Bruce Jones] Ok so culture and the knowledge of culture does not
develop or evolve over time!
> This does not mean you _leave_ anything behind in Texas (although you
> probably should have...) but that you do need to behaviorally adapt with
> what you've got to Boston.
[Bruce Jones] Come on down and see the skies'
true colors.
> In most cases, unless your genetics are severely impaired, you will, as a
> homo sapiens and a usanian living contemporeanously, not have to adapt
> very hard to what nationalism, pride, community, fellowship, common
> goals, and religion are in Boston.
> But, what about Borneo...?
[Bruce Jones] There is a difference????
> The dance is born in us- the music is environmental.
> We, you, some of us, may want to call this environment a memetic one. The
> ability to speak vs. the language form of French, for another tack. I see
> it as an accident of environment and behavioral adaptations, over time.
> I really see no need for a memetic mechanism.
[Bruce Jones] Ok!!!!!
My definition of a meme is the evolution of a piece of knowledge as
it moves through and between cultures, from inception in a corporation to
finished product, and in the classroom starting with a general concept then
"evolving" it into a finished product. Since I am a newbie to memetics as a
theory, as a practical application in learning organizations, and as a
foundation to knowledge evolution, please give me your academic definition
and application of a meme. If you -- or anyone -- have a paper on the net
or in print that I could refer to I would appreciate the reference.
> But, also, I ain't but a nobody, but I _do_ see some need for what is
> called 'memetic' analysis, as a valid means of interpreting this
> adaptation.
> But the meme itself I have totally given up on.
[Bruce Jones] Why?



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