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Thu, 23 Dec 1999 11:55:41 -0600

From: Bruce  Jones <>
Subject: RE: memes and dancing
Date: Thu, 23 Dec 1999 11:55:41 -0600

Wade said......
" I have not seen any evidence that culture is a separate,
> identifiable, evolving, form that, even with the supposed (memetic)
> cohesion to the living host, can be uniquely defined.
... I do say that culture is an
> anthropomorphism of behavioral adaptation, a just-so story of history.
> And, the more I see of behavioral, cognitive, and social experiments, the
> less need I have to think otherwise. "
[Bruce Jones]


In other words -- I think I have your drift here --- We as
individuals exist in a form of social Brownian motion. Each moving in a
direction ONLY because that is the direction everybody else is going. There
is NO association or identifying with any one group of others except to be
able to survive within the stream in which we exist. SO, as a Texan, I
take on a chameleon like form to survive and interact in my part of Texas.
A kind of benign cultism.

By moving to some other environment .... Boston .... to survive I
would have to adopt a different chameleon-like persona that reflected the
social environment. NONE of the old me would then exist even though I had
been a Texas Chameleon for over 50 years.

If I have this correctly stated .... Where does the individual exist
and how do you explain such terms as nationalism, pride, community,
fellowship, common goal, and religion?

Stirring the waters and looking for fish!

Bruce Jones

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