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fyodor sammler (fyodor-s@usa.net)
23 Dec 99 01:11:21 MST

Date: 23 Dec 99 01:11:21 MST
From: fyodor sammler <fyodor-s@usa.net>
To: memetics@mmu.ac.uk

>also agree that time expended away from scientifc research is lost. Ther=
>are tradeoffs to be made in going into a new, unestablished discipline
>without the benefit of established graduate programs, professorships, an=
>other academic positions. Unless you were independently wealthy or
>succeeded in getting IMR bankrolled, going into such a high-risk field
>would entail putting off starting a family, and starting a family would
>pressure you to put off the science. But if you had made the sacrifices =
>decided pursue memetics seriously 21 years ago as I did, cultivating a
>reluctance to jump to conclusions, studying how beliefs spread in real
>life, etc., you might have had less patience with such things as >neophy=
>annoucing themselves as the be-all, end-all of memetics, or the tyrranny=
>the dabblers that often gets our field brushed off as "fluff." Hopefully=

>our early learning days will give way to more productive patterns of
>professional relations.

Hello Aaron. Here I do not understand what you say. There are many acad=
working in memetics, and many have families. I take it you have no famil=
(pardon me, I read between the lines of what you say) because you decided=
study memetics instead. That is very noble, but also quite sad in a way =
you have sacrificed so much, perhaps unnecessarily.

Happy Chanukah (hope you had one)

F. =

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