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Tue, 21 Dec 1999 08:46:27 -0600

From: Bruce  Jones <>
Subject: RE: memes and dancing
Date: Tue, 21 Dec 1999 08:46:27 -0600

I am new to this list so I will introduce myself!

I am a Masters student in Educational Technology with an interest in
Learning Organizations and Adult learning principles. I joined this list to
get some feel for the evolution of knowledge and the knowledge of evolution
to be applied to learning in both the metaphorical sense and in the

Wade wrote:

"You have used 'urge' and 'result'. Not exactly a scientific
and, in the absence of clear mechanisms, almost useless."

How would you have asked the question Wade?

My scientific training says there are two types of inquiry ... 1) rock bound
scientific ... If a 2 kilogram rock is dropped off a cliff 400 meters tall,
what speed will it achieve and what will the resultant force be when it
strikes a surface of Jell-O? (Silly question but still legitimate ... note
the word resultant) 2) fuzzy questions ... Is the urge to migrate directly
related to the amount of daylight? (Legitimate question ... note the word

I feel the question:
"Is the urge to dance and dancing itself the result of meme(s)?"
can be considered a legitimate question.

If evolution and a genetic makeup are factors for dancing what
happens to the age old conundrum of nature -Vs-nurture.
I have seen all kinds of animals dance to a rhythm ... artificial
and otherwise. If it is nature then there is strong evidence available for
a meme for dancing. If on the other hand it is determined that dancing and
rhythm are cultural it may fall into the same category as impressing birds
.....and others... while still an embryo and is NOT genetic.

Bruce Jones
Staff Development Specialist
Northwest Texas Healthcare System
Amarillo, Texas


PS: I do like to play the devils advocate every-once-in-a-while.

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