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Date: Thu, 4 Nov 1999 09:06:52 +0100
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> > I read somewhere once that computer viruses
> > are incapable of producing advantageous mutations on their own. Is this
> > correct? If so, why not? Anyone have a reference?
> > Ray Recchia
> Computer viruses are incapable of producing any mutation on their own, unless
> they are programmed to do so (but I am not aware of any computer virus which
> does something like this). Computer viruses, which are computer programs, make
> exact copies of themselves (clones), and there is virtually no error rate in
> this process.

I am also not a computrer virus specialist, but I do think that a
good comparison could be interesting. If viruses are programmed to
mutate, so are in a way real viruses. If the resulting outcome is
programmed, but still b;ind, and thus not exactly pre-determined as
in biological development of the individual organism, evolution can
occur. I would suggest to go to sites like from big virus scanners,
as norton and ask for thier specialists. You can also try to get to
hackers, but that may prove difficult.



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