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Subject: RE: HEA report on religion and mental health
Date: Tue, 19 Oct 1999 01:04:15 -0500
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Your translation might appear credible if you included justification, such as an
opinion I hold with certainty and simultaneously avoid rational critique of that
belief's justification. Without a single example, your criticism will not only be
recognized as unreasonable, but it might even be suspected you're a sore loser who
still smarts over an unwise bet on recent grandiose condemnation of "my views" and
subsequently lost cash and credibility, or it might not...

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Tim Rhodes
>Buck wrote:
>>This is exactly what they have always claimed, especially before a
>>barbeque, and I've no doubt that most of the leaders, followers and
>>their victims both certainly believe this to be true. The suppression
>>of necessary rational justification for this certainty, (among other
>>forces my condemnation of the practice.
>Translation: It doesn't support my views so it therefore must be irrational
>and/or flawed.

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