Re: Inernal meme?

Mark M. Mills (
Mon, 18 Oct 99 09:12:28 -0000

Subject: Re: Inernal meme?
Date: Mon, 18 Oct 99 09:12:28 -0000
From: "Mark M. Mills" <>
To: "Memetics List" <>


>This experiment tells
>us nothing about how cats perceive and recognize objects and events.
>The only perception & recognition in this experiment is that the
>experimenters do when they look at the video tape.

Saying 'this experiement tells us nothing about how cats perceive..." is
oddly extreme.
This tells us nothing? Absolutely zero?

Are you convinced we know all the details of neural processing? That
these experiments tell us nothing new about perception?

Where does such confidence come from?

At a minimum, we are getting a better picture of pre-processing details.
Pre-processing is a part of perception. Additionally, the technology of
tapping into the neural bit stream and making sense of the data seem
likely to useful for other details within the scope of neural research.
And, what about the program used to interprete the bit-stream, isn't it's
design/parameter set telling us something about what the brain must be
doing to make sense of the bit-stream?


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