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Would you be willing to share your suggested "deeper view" with us? Perhaps excerpts
from your articles would help some of us understand you criticism better.

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>Of Bill Benzon
>At the moment memetics is mostly a pop-intellectual fad. I don't know how
>long that fad can continue (how long did phrenology exist in the 19th
>century?). Some folks, of course, are trying to make a serious
>intellectual discipline out of memetics and some version of the internalist
>position seems to be the reigning orthodoxy among these. I don't think
>that theoretical stance will develop a rich body of empirical results to
>support it. If it doesn't, then how can long can it hang-on? Of course,
>there are serious academic desciplines that are empirically weak -- the
>humanties -- but they don't advertise themselves as science. Memetics
>does. So memetics has to produce empirical results. You can't produce
>those results simply by taking a majority vote. As internalist memetics
>dies, there will be room for a deeper view.

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