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> >One of the fundamental differences in 'types' of people....
> There are two types of people- those who think there are types of people,
> and those who don't.
> I love logic, sometimes....

wonderful, according to the above comments you have revealed yourself, your
'thinking' at this time -- that of an identity seeker. Strongly critical but
a devoted follower when you find the 'right' faith. :-)

so in an identity seeking context we have (a) values oriented. (b) favour
what could have been/is not/could be (c) reactive/proactive (unclear)

if reactive = advocate type (seeker, healer, enthusiast, journalist)
if proactive = mentor type (author, seer, ringmaster, pedagogue)

an attraction to memetics would be to help one in their search for identity
but at the moment for you it is not so (you are critical of it)

BTW the revelation is due to the 'fact' that identity *seekers* reject boxes
and in doing so deny the possibility of finding their own identity. being
advocates etc the best the can do is take someone elses identity in the form
of becoming a disciple etc (after all if you are a seeker then you will
never find... and so you go for second best - 'borrow' someoneelse, you can
be a bit of a butterfly until you find the 'right' flower to feed off, the
right 'light' to stand under)

these types are critical since they are strongly attracted to context, they
define, analyse the 'thing' through the analysis of harmonics, and so NOT
the thing (not this, not that).

Strongly idealist. 36% of teacher make-up the general set of identity
seekers. (56% of teachers are of another type - security seekers.)

(BTW Wade you're supposed to reject this :-))



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