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Hi Wade,

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> >What exactly is your perspective on memetics Wade?
> Truthfully, I'm ready to dismiss it totally.
> I came at it from an aesthetics perspective, in an interested/seeker sort
> of way, in a wonder at why we are what we are sort of way.
> And it ain't working for me, and I've kept working at trying to see it.

cool.thanks Wade, gives me better understanding of your comments. Would you
agree that you re sitting (speaking metaphorically) in an arms-folded,
leaning back into the chair position? reactive?

Do you think that your coming to memetics was on an identity seeking path, a
sensation seeking path, a problem solving path or a security seeking path?

> Truthfully, I think those Ceta people are full of crap- another
> cogno-intellectual correlational sophocracy, like astrology or
> phrenology. I think they're deluding themselves totally. Newage (rhymes
> with sewage) woo-woo fruitcakes.
> So, yeah, I guess I don't understand what these people are saying.

fair enough.



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