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Subject: RE: Internal meme? - the what and the where
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> Would you agree that there is a configuration of neural
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> constitutes an idea?

Yeh.. it is formed from the what/where dichotomy. Applied recursively leads
to the distinctions of objects (wholes, parts) and relationships (static,
dynamic). These can be refined through the use of emotions to constitute an
inner 'sense', and from that can emerge abstract ideas, language etc etc

The concept of an idea requires object oriented thinking in that an idea is
perceived as an object. To flesh out an object you 'paint' it with emotions,
layer after layer of 'meaning'.

Zoom-in the amygdala etc and you find recursive dichotomisation at work
again in the form of the fight/flight dichotomy. Zoom-in too far and you
find interdigitations of this, as we find in the distribution of sensory
data in the frontal lobes, visual systems etc etc The interdigitations are
like threads and behaviour is at a different scale where patterns emerge
from the weavings.

ALL words are pointers to patterns of emotion and the amygdala etc is a
primary area for emotion processing so the results of the experiments are
not surprising. you will NEVER find a non-emotive state, a neutral state
does not mean 'no emotion' in means a positive complements a negative and so
a neutral state. In fight/flight this can manifest in the form of a freezing
where the expand (fight) contract (flight) are 'balanced' out. Add colouring
etc and you can blend in to the context and so not be seen, a freeze
combined with a camouflage can save you.

The most 'primitive' emotion is the correct/incorrect, it is more syntax
oriented, object biased and Demasio et al have identified it as sourced in
the left hemisphere of the brain, that part that favours precision and
EITHER/OR data processing.

ALL memes are tied to patterns of emotion that are tied to the underlying
neurology within which is embedded the what/where dichotomy. In emotion the
dichotomy is in the form of positive/negative and the recursive application
works as feedback to modify basic stimulus/response.


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