Re: Ideological Eunuchs?

Chris Lees (
Wed, 22 Sep 1999 03:50:16 +0100

Date: Wed, 22 Sep 1999 03:50:16 +0100
From: Chris Lees <>
Subject: Re: Ideological Eunuchs?

Jake wrote :


> Keep the faith, Brother!

A slick reply, Jake, but you miss the point.
You asked how / if it's possible to live without ideology.
I gave you an answer. If you can't understand, that's your
'Church', 'prayer', 'western theology', 'Christ', etc, are
irrelevant to my point.
Christianity is built upon faith, i.e. beliefs, in such things
as an afterlife, virgin birth, resurrection, etc.
Zen-mind, buddha-mind, no-mind, is not akin to faith or
belief. It's more a physical, practical matter, a radical change
in consciousness - like getting drunk, say,- and as with getting
drunk, a person can do it, regardless of 'faith' or 'belief', and
regardless of the memes which they happen to entertain.
Zen is the 'meme-eating-meme', as S. Blackmore aptly
describes it, the self-eating meme. I thought you were
beginning to 'get it' at last, but alas, it seems not...


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