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> Jake wrote :
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> > How can anyone not have an ideology?
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> Go to a zen monastery, and do some intensive training,
> and you'll maybe discover the answer, Jake, along with
> a route out of the rest of your confusions...and it's got
> nothing to do with 'eastern mysticism'. That's just
> your prejudice showing. Zen-mind is beyond all ideologies.

Very object oriented 'them' vs 'us' viewpoint Chris, even ideological! :-)

The mind is 'emergent' from the brain but not necessarily 'free' of it.
Serotonin uptake problems lead directly to the depression/'god in the head
syndrome' dimension. Dopamine uptake lead to the schizophrenia/Parkinson's
Disease dimension.

Mind can at times influence these processes demonstrating the origin of mind
(consciousness, unconscious) as part of the feedback process.

For neurological functions linked to Zen see:

Austin, J.H (1998) "Zen and the Brain" MITP


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