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Date: Mon, 20 Sep 1999 11:02:19 EDT
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>>I would also hasten to say that cognitive metaphor, as per Lakoff and
>>(the actual discussion that I repeatedly offered) has definitely earned
>>respect as legitimate science than either of them, and it was that subject
>>that most interested me.
>It is of interest to me as well. It may well be the baby in the bath
>water. I am sorry . . .

OK. close enough.

>. . . you have dismissed me as a dogmatist, when I was only
>expressing a desire to avoid a focus on perceived illegitimate

That would be a real concern for the JOM-EMIT itself in publishing, not for
chewing the cud on its public E-List. I still haven't been convinced that
NLP is any less legitimate than memetics, neither of them being substantially
established in the empirical empire. But I also haven't heard the prominent
proponents of either field cop out to skyhooks or mystery tissues, or flat
refuse to provide explanations more substantial than just, "it seems to work"
or refuse to acknowledge empirical evidence against their plausibility like
so many other more deservedly "pseudoscientific" fields. There is nothing
wrong or pseudoscientific about making plausible conjectures. Without that,
science would not go anywhere.

I remain more concerned with memetics than with NLP, but if you wish to refer
me to the allegedly charlatan behavior amongst proponents of NLP I will hear
you out on it. But be advised that referring only to plausible speculation
is not enough to convince me that the "pseudoscience" label is warranted.

>I am only speaking from the perspective I see from others
>about this- I am in no way capable of affecting research or development
>of any science or pseudoscience, I can only join forums such as this and
>put in my two cents. And you can toss 'em back at me, as you have.

Yep. Me too. I am just weary of the flaming/trolling games that seem to
dominate most unrestricted public E-Lists. Not that I haven't done my share
of it in the past, it's just getting old on me.


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