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> d) apparently there is a corpus of unpublished work at the University of
> Nottingham which indicates that study practices correlate strongly with
> personality type (thank you Prof Jung) - they may not be strictly cultural
> at all - but rather some Pinkerian/Chomskian elaboration of fundamentally
> genetic personality factors.

Using the MBTI, over 80% of teachers (and by implication those who got through
some course or another) are identity seekers and take-on support roles --
advocates, mentors, conservationists, monitors. In general this covers the
temperaments of NF (intuitive feelers) and SJ (sensing judgers).

The remainder come from the sensation seekers, the NTs (strongly resident in
tertiary eduction, dont manage too well with 'basics'.) and the SP (sensing
perceivers. They teach through experience, hands-on, one-to-one like martial
arts with guru and pupil. Very fundamentalist oriented, no time for academics)

In the US, 70% of the population favour the SJ (35%)/SP(35%) types. 15% each
for the NT/NF types.

identity in the form of discovering aspect of it to develop; they attempt to
RE-identify. The NT/SP are into identity in the form of the assertion of it.

The NT/NT types have a common theme in that they want to get behind the
expression of something. For the NT it is more self oriented, the NFs become
disciples/advocates of someone/thing. Both types get into algorithms and
formulas with NTs emphasis on quantitatives and NFs emphasis on qualitatives.

The SJ/SP types are more into the expression; the SP make good artisans, the
SJ become moralists fighting for good over bad. The SP just like the fun and
the skill of the fight. These distinctions reflect the subtle differences in
that SJ are closer to NFs and so have a cause but it is an obvious cause (to
them that is, no hidden agenda). SPs are 'pure' sensation seeking, it is all a
'buzz' and the cause is theirs, SPs set the context, leadership material, SJs
operate within a context, management material.

Emotionally we have:

NF -- critical (negative, context sensitive, dont like boxes!)
SP -- positive
SJ -- neutral to critical (depressed form of critical.)
NT -- neutral to positive

but we all favour one over the others. Context determines which, such that in
unusual contexts we can find ourselfs behaving in childlike ways -- we lack
experience in that context and so the 'best' suited aspect of our personality
does not do too well!

Every persona 'fits' a profession and so that includes an attraction to the
education process that leads to that profession.

Even though there is a plethora of 'how to' guides, only certain types will
use them!

A simple test to determine general type:

A) Do you favour facts (1)(either/or, correct/incorrect) or values (harmonics
analysis, nuances, variations on a theme)(2)?

B) do you favour "what could have been/is not/could be" (1) or what
was/is/will be? (2)

NF = A2, B1
SJ = A2, B2
NF = A1, B1
SP = A1, B2



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