Re: implied or inferred memes

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Sun, 19 Sep 1999 22:34:46 -0400

Subject: Re: implied or inferred memes
Date: Sun, 19 Sep 1999 22:34:46 -0400
From: "Wade T.Smith" <>
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>I would like to get an example of your kind of test in the case of NLP.

Desperately. So would any of almost all pseudosciences. But until then,
they rely on and retort with the answer 'we know it is real because it

Memetics, it seems to me, is in a very similar vessel, with a full
complement of plausibilities, relying on a voracious grab at evidences
from several plates, but offering no dish of its own.

The sad fact that so many correlational sophocracies abound is not a
proof of multiculturalism among the sciences, but a proof of the endless
faculties for self-deception spawned from our pattern-forcing perceptions.

And that deception, so far, is all I see working. May memetics come on as
a champion to slay this dragon, and hurrah for it.

- Wade

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