Contents of: JoM-EMIT Vol. 3 Issue 1, June 1999

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Tue, 07 Sep 1999 13:48:08 +0100

Date: Tue, 07 Sep 1999 13:48:08 +0100
From: Bruce Edmonds <>
Subject: Contents of: JoM-EMIT Vol. 3 Issue 1, June 1999

The Contents of:

Journal of Memetics - Evolutionary Models of Information Transmission
Volume 3 - June 1999
Issue 1

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Survival of the institutionally fittest concepts by Martin de Jong


A Note on the Origin of `Memes'/`Mnemes' by John Laurent (6Kb)

Commentary and Discussion

Memetics and the Edge of Chaos - If Price and Ray Shaw (19Kb)

Commentary on Derek Gatherer's paper: Why the `Thought
Contagion' Metaphor is Retarding the Progress of Memetics, in
volume 2, issue 2.

* The Case for Commentary by Derek Gatherer (5Kb)
* Belief Has Utility - An Intentional Stance by David Hales
* The necessity of theoretical constructs: a rebuttal of the
behaviourist approach to memetics by Francis Heylighen
* Misleading Mix Of Religion And Science by Aaron Lynch
* A Strategy for Memetics: Memes as Strategies by Paul
Marsden (17Kb)
* On Memetics and memes as brain-entities by Hans-Cees
Speel (13Kb)
* Memes ain't (just) in the Head by John Wilkins (37Kb)
* Author's reply: Reply to Commentaries by Derek Gatherer

Commentary on Nick Rose's Paper: Controversies in Meme Theory,
in volume 2, issue 1.

* The Case for Commentary (5Kb)
* Memetic Meanings by Francis Beer (12Kb)
* A Plea for Methodological Darwinism by Derek Gatherer
* Strategies in Meme Theory by David Hull (11Kb)
* An Evolutionary theory of Culture? by George Modelski
* Steps toward the Memetic Self by If Price (21Kb)
* On choosing to evolve: strategies without a strategist by
John Wilkins (11Kb)
* Author's reply: Okay, but exactly `who' would escape the
Tyranny of the Replicators? by Nick Rose (11Kb)

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