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Robin Faichney (
Sat, 4 Sep 1999 10:03:15 +0100

Date: Sat, 4 Sep 1999 10:03:15 +0100
From: Robin Faichney <>
Subject: Re: The information theoretic view Was: JOM
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In message <>, Bill Spight
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>Dear Robin,
>> [1] Actually, that was rhetorical, because I do know why you
>> participate here: not to help develop memetics, but to protect your own
>> slice of the personal development industry by obstructing anything that
>> conflicts with the way you use memetic concepts.
>Breeep! Personal foul!
>Robin, I value the contributions of both you and Richard. <s>

Bill, I consider intellectual dishonesty to be a foul, and a very
serious one. I get particularly annoyed when I feel my valuable time is
being wasted by it. If Richard wants to convince me that he is
interested in understanding any other view than his own, he is welcome
to try, but the impression I've been getting for a long time now is that
he participates here for no other reason than to defend his own
position, and that he uses intellectually dishonest tactics to do so.
He may not be fully aware that he is doing so -- some self-deception may
be involved -- but I don't get the impression he's the sort of person
who often doesn't know what he's doing.

Robin Faichney
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