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Date: Fri, 3 Sep 1999 18:03:40 EDT
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> It never occurred to me that the complex environmental conditions and
behavioral processes relating to meme propagation would called memes
themselves. This is certainly incorrect, but several errors defending this
point have really allowed in a trickle (flood?) of vitriol.<

It seems that there has been a tendency lately to talk about aspects or
manifestations of memes as "memes" themselves. I think that proves to be a
mistake and is the cause of considerable confusion. The meme itself is a
*complete replicator* capable of filling the role of replicator in the
evolutionary algorithm. This would necessarily INCLUDE the meme's
manifestation within our cognitive faculties, though it would also
necessarily include some other manifestations as well -- behavior alone at a
minimum -- though beyond that the details can vary greatly.

Robin wants to turn meme's into "information" regardless of where it may be
found. This might have some useful applications, but doesn't necessarily
take into account that an embodied human mind must be included somewhere in
the structure of a meme. Otherwise we are talking about something other
human culture -- which I assume is the primary concern of memetics.


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