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> We do disagree, in that I say that there are no cultural replicators
> that exist entirely in the mind (or entirely outside of it): there are
> no "mind-based replicators". I don't agree that "the mind" is useful in
> any definition, being undefined itself, and I say that every cultural
> replicator (i.e. every meme) exists both inside and outside the brain.
> To the extent that our definitions overlap -- that is, for items that we
> would agree are memes, or as close to being memes as makes no difference
> for most purposes -- I think these are extremely interesting. But
> they're not all I'm interested in.
This is Phenomenology. The Phenomena includes both reflection and the
ongoing simulation of reality from input. The Phenomena depends both upon
reality and upon the perceiver. This is nothing new.


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