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Do you mean Primary qualities (i.e., that it reflects red wavelengths of
light, which is Ontology) or secondary qualities (i.e., the sensation of
redness experienced in observation, which is Phenomenology)?

the latter
> how are qualia replicated?

Badly. Idea, even from experience, is only representation of Ontology. But
such is mutation. If you are referring to primary qualities, that is. I was.
I argued that all objects and events are memetic. The brain being no

I never dealt with any transmission of secondary qualities.

That's what I'm asking you to do. So again I ask: how are qualia

But It is
surprising that transmission of experience within the same brain would be
problematic. Because that would be the issue, considering that they where
looking for a meme in process in the brain. A needlessly muddled enterprise,
I argue.

I don't understand the above paragraph at all.

Assuming that any idea or experience defies communication, that still does
not remove it from Memetics under my frame work. I assert that all is
memetic, but dormancy is the norm. An unseen pebble in an uncharted cave is
memetic, no less than a lost manuscript, but likewise dormant, in the same
way that a falling piano is a very bad airplane. Aerodynamics does not only
deal with successful gliders, but with all things. Likewise Memetics must
admit poor or unlucky replicators. Thus, if secondary qualities are truly
inexpressible, that will not be problematic.

Yes, it will because if they don't replicate, they aren't replicators.

> Derek:
> Not everything can be a replicator, because not everything can replicate.

Wrong. They are bad or unlucky replicators.

So if replication rate is zero, is it a non-replicator or an unlucky one?

But no non-replicators. No more
than there are losers in Vegas! There are only patrons who have not yet
found their winning table!


well, that last sentence shows the untenability of your thesis. Of course
there are losers at Vegas!!! Are you advertising Vegas???

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