Re: when is a meme selfish?

Tim Rhodes (
Sun, 29 Aug 1999 16:45:02 -0700

From: "Tim Rhodes" <>
To: <>
Subject: Re: when is a meme selfish?
Date: Sun, 29 Aug 1999 16:45:02 -0700

Wade wrote:

>Both the encoding and the decoding are observer-resident
>operations. Memetic objects are symbols put into time and space of a
>desired replicand. Or am I being haplessly nitpickesque here? It sounds
>like I'm harping on the obvious, but, for some reason, I think it's
>important to lose the object entirely. We only need it forensically. But
>that may be a very good reason to need it...

Indeed. For every act of communication becomes an archeological dig, in
this forensic universe of yours.


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