Re: when is a meme selfish?

Bill Spight (
Sun, 29 Aug 1999 10:19:56 -0700

Date: Sun, 29 Aug 1999 10:19:56 -0700
From: Bill Spight <>
Subject: Re: when is a meme selfish?

Dear Wade,

> The only reason I would use a toaster (to stay with the toaster) to burn
> bread would be because I know what bread is, and I know what toast is,
> and I know it needs an electrical outlet and I know I have to put the
> bread in and push down the button.
> There is an entire set of circumstances where I could replicate this
> toaster completely, right down to duplicating the serial number and
> manufacturing date, but there is no guarantee, unless my immediate
> cultural environment contains enough 'memes' about toast and toasting,
> that I would ever drop a slice of bread into it and have the marmalade
> ready....

Your remarks are in line with Weber's idea that the meaning of a cultural artifact resides in its purpose. <s>



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