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Here are three of Aaron's specific claims made in TC and summarised in the
JASSS review: If these are misinterpretations - check out the book
directly, or perhaps Aaron will put us right by explaining what he did mean
in one of these *specific* cases, and actually engage in debate of
substance. Anyhow, why not pick one of these claims and discuss its
theoretical and empirical merit?

Why do men talk more about/prefer women's breasts than posteriors? "Indeed,
young males may feel inhibited from discussing female posteriors because it
reminds them of anal sex and homosexuality ..." (p. 86)

Why is masturbation "prime material for commercial use"? Masturbation is a
"prime material for commercial use" because it can make "... people pay
attention long enough to hear a commercial, and then improve recall of the
commercial by "downloading" it to an aroused audience." (p. 91)

Why do women want to have children? "As the girl grows up, she learns that
she is too old to play with dolls anymore. But the desire for comfort and
attachment remains, and translates into a desire for a real baby". This is
what lies behind the phenomenon of "baby lust". (p. 57)

For more examples see

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