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Date: Wed, 28 Jul 1999 18:38:30 EDT
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> >Responsibility is an achievement.
> That's a great meme, Aaron, but wouldn't it be better served by some
> other propagation channel than this list? Here, we are concerned with
> the theory of memetics, not with the practicalities of memetic design --
> the mechanisms of meme transmission, rather than the memes that are thus
> transmitted. Perhaps the virus list ( would
> more appropriate.
> --
> Robin Faichney

I think Aaron is still getting used to this list. Your guidence is
appropriate here, Robin. However, just to give Aaron A.'s (as opposed to
"Aaron L.") suggestion a nudge into the general flow of this list, and seeing
that our activity is currently a little more sedate than often gets on here
when we go through the occassional rapids - this is my thought.

As an idea it sounds pretty good. But as a meme I don't know how much
mileage it would get by itself. It is talking about one abstraction in terms
of another. Those who already understand it, probably aren't in great need
of it. Those in great need of it, may lack the conceptual strength to grasp
it and hold on for the longer haul. I think that for it to work for the
intended audience, abstractions should be talked about in terms of more
immediate bodily experiences.

Though we are still a little ways from the current of memetic theory that is
appropriate for this list, I think it is almost in sight here. Talking about
abstractions in terms of embodied experience and reference points will always
have memetic advantages for *any* audience, and such embodiment should be
play some role in any mature theory of memetics. The practicalities of meme
design should have something to do with memetics theory, even though more
rigorous experimentation is probably more appropriate on the Virus list.

There. That's as far as I can guide this for now.

Responsibility is healthy. To live up to it is good exercise, and an
achievement for life.

To your health!


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