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Sun, 18 Jul 1999 15:05:03 +0100

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Subject: Request for information
Date: Sun, 18 Jul 1999 15:05:03 +0100

Request for information

Is there any work on say, Memetics as a system to understand the creation
and spread of musical systems such as scales, musical conation system's and
sound bite usage in modem digital music. As music is a medium which can be
studded and decoded in to key patterns which replicate throw reiteration it
to new works. I know there have been studies in to the usage and spread to
musical systems. ( sorry for not posting links to them here). Could not a
cross exposures of memetic theory and musical theory give us new insights in
to both areas of intellectual endeavor. If there have been studies to this
affect I would like to hear of them.

(I know that the strict defenicton of definition by not be applicable to
music if you feel this could you outline for me why.)

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