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Greetings, everyone

Sorry I haven't pursued Aaron's CliqueBusters exercise. A couple of

- Our methodology requires a finely described outcome, along the lines I
was pursuing with Aaron. This is both to establish what the purpose of the
meme is, and to minimize unintended effects. (This has both a practical
and, in my opinion, ethical dimension to it.) The outcome was proving
somewhat elusive -- starting with an anti-malicious gossip frame, and
changing into a more general block against 'bad' things in organizations.
The more we explored, the less understanding I had about the precise

- The old adversary, time. I'm on a project that has taken off and left no
time for anything but itself. So I haven't forgotten the intriguing notion
of designing a meme, but can't do it now.

- There seemed to be some unhappiness expressed with the notion of
'engineering memes'. I understand that this a more academically-oriented
list, and that 'applications' discussions may be inappropriate.


Lawrence de Bivort
The Memetics Group

On Sat, 10 Jul 1999, Aaron Agassi wrote:

>I confess disappointment that the Clique Busters TM discussion has abated.

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