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Subject: Re: Web message board on cultural selection theory
Date: Fri, 09 Jul 1999 14:18:57 +0100
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"Aaron Agassi" <> wrote:
>> The cultural selection message board is intended as a forum for
>> discussing
>> cultural selection with the main focus on selective forces and mechanisms
>> rather than on information units (we already have the memetics
>> mailing list and
>> the alt.memetics newsgroup for the latter).
>> Possible discussion topics include:
>> * intelligent versus unconscious or unintended selection mechanisms
>Do knee jerk responses fit into this category?
No selection and no memes.

>> * cultural factors that influence artistic taste and music genres
>Is this pertinent or useful for our Applied Memetics challenge?
Yes, pieces of art, music, and genres are memes.

>> * cultural effects of economic competition
>And, cultural effects of sexual competition.
There are many models of _biological_ effects of sexual competition, but I have
never thought of cultural effects. Well, fashion, makeup, bodybuilding,
expensive cars are obvious candidates.
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