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>I can't claim to have followed this entire philosophical battle here. It
>been competing for my spare time with my current reading of Lakoff and
>Johnson's "Philosophy in the Flesh", and the book has been mostly winning.
>But bits of the skirmish has come through in waves -- especially those
>that seem most coherent with that book. Specifically these concerns about
>our models being distorted by our methods -- neurologically based templates
>of understanding -- and so forth. These all to me -- aside from the
>or lack thereof of the details which have escaped me -- reflect approaches
>that are more responsible toward an *embodied* philosophy like they
> Not falling victim to myths of radical subjectivism, but also not being
>seduced by the naive intellectual temptations of delusional disembodied
>metaphysical "objective" realism. I am wondering whether any of the
>participants have sampled Lakoff and Johnson's newest opus?

Havnt but will check it out. thanks for the ref...


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