Hypothesis on why and how Hypothetico Deduction supplants Inductivism

Aaron Agassi (agassi@erols.com)
Tue, 6 Jul 1999 05:51:09 -0400

From: "Aaron Agassi" <agassi@erols.com>
To: <Critical-Cafe@mjmail.eeng.dcu.ie>, <memetics@mmu.ac.uk>
Subject: Hypothesis on why and how Hypothetico Deduction supplants Inductivism
Date: Tue, 6 Jul 1999 05:51:09 -0400

Under Inductivist function, a lot of "brute force" is required for memetic
transmission and replication. Facts must be provided and reassembled, in the
consciousness of the new host. Multiple specific examples of each general
relation must be provided, until comprehension "arises". A high threshold of
tolerance for impermeability is required.

But once Hypothetico Deductive expression becomes available, permeability
improves radically, and tolerance for impermeability vanishes. The low
permeability inherent by Induction engenders growing irritation, in turn
building up memetic allergy to Inductive expression.

This is why entrenched Induction, cross bonding with any other memes,
renders all memes it cross bonds with, increasingly untransmissible. All
memes that can cross bond with Inductivism are thus pressed towards
extinction. Alas, the death throws are often protracted and Agoricaly
usurious. Apparently, these tend to be antirational and/or incoherent ideas,
often characterized by a stubborn confusion between anything in and of
itself, and that which makes reference it; e.g., the map Vs the territory,
or the perception Vs the reality, Method Vs Methodology, etc. This sort of
memetic defect becomes increasingly unviable in a technological culture of
layered referential shells.

The entrenched Inductivist meme has come to take on the function of it's own
Penicillin, containing such infection until the infected organism can be
destroyed naturally. In a Hypothetico Deductive World, Inductivism which
cannot be rescued, self-destructs.

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