Re: Statistics, wave/particles and 'lies'

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Subject: Re: Statistics, wave/particles and 'lies'
Date: Tue, 8 Jun 1999 15:04:43 +1000

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Subject: RE: Statistics, wave/particles and 'lies'

>If you are not a complete idiot and charlatan, that what you need is a
>dedicated writing coach. Just retreat until you can come back with a clear
>linguistic formulation. If you have any respect for science and logic,
>all, then what you need is more respect and capability with linguistic
>facility. Start by breaking down your botched sentences into several
>ones. Better still, make them questions in a Dialectic. And avoid the usage
>of any and all indefinite articles, such as 'it' and 'they'; but rather
>spell things out, repeatedly.

I have spelt things out repeatedly but they still do not get through. I have
stated before that I am not the most articulate of individuals however I do
not think that the particular email that I detailed the consequence of
dichotomous analysis was in any way unclear. Perhaps it was *too* simple for
you? :-)

Since you refuse to go through my website to gain some further understanding
there is not much I can do, I do not think that drowning both of these lists
with any more material is of any use; I think you need to appreciate the
context, my hypothesis, to understand things but you seem reluctant to do so
however your additional postings seem to suggest that I have 'disturbed' you
in some way. ('infected' you? :-))

Until you spend some time to understand the wave/particle post, or read
other articles on my website (just as wooly but read enough of them and
things will start to 'emerge' in you) there is not much more that can be

Appologies to all for wasting their time.


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