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Mark wrote:

<<If I look at the 'rapidly changing world' notion, there seems to be two
choices for the source of change: human activity and environmental

In the time frame you're discussing (and that I think Plotkin addresses)
human activity would be a non-issue. Catastrophic environmental change,
change in environments caused by migratory behavior, and the waxing and
waning of predator and prey populations would be sources of change.

<<Note that bonobos are smarter than common chimps. Their culture is female
dominated. Additionally, bonobos are masters at solving inter-personal
problems via sex. According to my model, this cultural style would enhance
cognitive advantage because symbolic interaction subdues brute force. >>

But we're smarter than bonobos and masters of CREATING interpersonal
problems via sex. Just goes to show you, I guess.

Richard Brodie
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