outtakes and comedy

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Subject: outtakes and comedy
From: "joe dees" <joedees@bellsouth.net>
Date: Thu, 15 Apr 1999 23:06:20 -0400

Outtakes are added at the end of comedies, whether they be television or movie, to wring a few quick and cheap extra laughs out of footage of bungled scenes. They do not appear at the end of dramas or tragedies, because their presence would contradict the thrust of the main work; their appearance would in such cases be counterproductive, rather than augmentational. The case of Antz is unique (as far as we know) in that animated outtakes obviously must be "staged". This was done in Antz, I believe, to lend an aura of reality/credibility to and audience identification with the animated characters; however, I now fully expect deceptive faked/staged "outtakes' to begin appearing at the conclusion of live action movies, as an underhanded means of achieving the same goals for human actors and roles.
Joe E. Dees
Poet, Pagan, Philosopher

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