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On Sun, 20 Jun 1999, Mark Mills wrote:

>On the other hand, one could do memetic studies on chimp language use.
>How much effort is required to produce 100 word vocabularies in humans?
>in chimps? How many words does a human mother transfer to her baby in
>one year? How many signs does a signing chimp mother transfer? Does
>memetic agility measured by vocabulary size produce selective advantage
>for a chimp culture? What is the average 'life span' of a chimp generated
>sign? How quickly do chimps 'mutate' signs?

These questions tackle the issue of language transfer. I don't think that
that is quite the same as the transfer of an 'idea' or 'belief', which is
at the heart of memes. As we use the term, a meme is a 'belief' that is
framed in such a way that it is self-disseminating. The dissemination of a
word or phrase would not be, as we see it, an automatic demonstration of a
meme at work, though one might well scan disseminated language patterns to
see if any represented a meme at work.

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