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Fri, 18 Jun 1999 17:10:58 -0700

From: "Tim Rhodes" <>
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Subject: Re: Paper on chimp culture
Date: Fri, 18 Jun 1999 17:10:58 -0700

Aaron Lynch wrote:

>Mark wrote:
>>In my model, I call the hypothesized memory locations 'memes.' These
>>memory locations are 'genotypes.' The cultural behaviors we observe are
>I don't get into the matter of locations (other than the nervous system as
>a whole), but I certainly agree that memes are instantiated in memory and
>that the behaviors, artifacts, etc. are phenotypes.

Do you claim some sort of heredity between these meme 'geneotypes'? If so,
how does the memetic germ line (merm line?) pass to the next generation?

-Tim Rhodes

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