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first off, I have no formal training, this is just an arena of thought I enjoy... I formed all my opinions from several books, listed below. Laugh, ignore, whatever... I just want to learn, & this is what I've come up with on my own.




these ideas have roots in several places:

Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson
The Ticket That Exploded by W.S.Burroughs
Farhenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury
The Magus by John Fowels
Metamagical Themas by Douglas Hofstader

cEvin Key
Tear Garden
Skinny Puppy
Gen P-orridge


Snow Crash:
mentions memes directly,
good read moves quickly,
gives overview of Ashtaroth
& Enki & Marduk & Tiamet affair
w/ Backdrop of Science Fiction
nearly impossible not to enjoy.;.

The Ticket That Exploded:
the most important of all the books
on the list, although the basics of
memetics are hidden throughout thee
entire book applied metalinguistics
is the proper classification.;.

Fahrenheit 451:
you damn well better fucking read
this book, as the term definition
of Montag arises from w/in its pages,
Montag being the main character who
memorizes bits of books illegally &
is then able to carry on the information
through the fascism & out into the light
(hopefully, this being where the book stops).;.

The Magus:
this novel is a pure example of
applied Memetics by a committee of sociologists to create
an expiramental enviroment (metameme) in which to conduct
memetic theoretics to an unwitting subject, by studying
the effects on his psyche when exposed to trigger memes
from enlightenment sciences.;.

Metamagical Themas:
the book which began my musings down these alleys...
for good or ill I cannot tell, but I cannot remember
the contents of the text that well, only these memes
which are resulting act as testimony to this tome.;.


the word meme as and analogy
servitor formulation of the word gene.

Meme: A memory item, or portion of an organisms
neurally-stored information, identified using the
abstraction system of the observer, whose instigation
is dependant on an instigations of causation regarding
intricate recombinant lograms, evocations, or
preprogrammed behaviors &/or emotional behavioristic
responses by feeding off of already open chains of
information replication ~(black box repeaters)~ as
well as reproducing through, which, when active, can
mutate to adapt.

Montage: A memetic transference device which contains
the entire body of information which makes up any
given meme. Montage type can mutate memes to fit its
storage & replication methods.

Metameme: A metameme is a structure of principles
created to open a meme up in such a way as to be
manipulated or changed, metamemetics being the
construction of enviroments to adhere memes to
montages, to cull information virii from memes, and to
update memes deliberately.

Memome: One set of the core precepts of any given meme.

Memotype: All or part of the memetic constitution of
an information virus, metameme, or montage, also of a
given culture or social grouping.

Metacultist: One who transcends cultural systems in
order to study the rituals & systems of that
culture.;.A metacultist must first remove mirself from
the influence of the systems hir is studying to reduce
prejudices based upon the doctrines of study.

Rememeber: Memetic replication after period of
dormancy, reliving knowledge through transmission of

Sigilization: Construction of a perceptual device
which embodies the concepts of a specific meme in a
logogrammatical device.

Rules of the Reality Pirate
1..Learn to learn from experience
2..Avoid the fallen & continue onward
3..Never use reason as a mask for fear
4..In order to see, stop looking
5..Death is not failure, acting dead is
6..Belief is illusion projected outward
7..Humanity lives to evolve
8..Humans are fundamentally the same
9..Humans are fundamentally different
10.The creative spirit is mankinds true guide

Formulae for societal change
create or point out x
generate media attention for x
offer prepared solution to x

Formulae for Meme Performance
~Media Popularity
~Information Relevancy
~Creative Ingenuity
~Extensive Resources

There are two primary concerns in the
construction of an information virus. These two
concerns are the percepts to be inducted and the
concepts to be inducted. The meme must first be
perceived in an intense (viral) format, then
considered in depth to be absorbed. To trigger the
desire to further a meme, the meme itself must have
value, be it value of marketability, or moral code, or
political revolution, be the value real or imaginary.

In the construction of a metamemetic device, the
workings of the meme are divulged fully, the aims and
the history of the meme is mapped, & the societal
influence is thereby predictable Once this has been
done, and information virus can be culled from the
metamemetic device which maps the meme. An
information virus is defined as a portable
hyperattenuated conceptual pattern utilizing destable
&/or hyperstable format to achieve perceptual
novelty. It acts as an introduction &/or immunization
to the meme it represents. Some examples of
information virii are pamphlets, business plans,
religious tracts, political flyers, web sites, etc.

Thus, a metameme, which allows for a thorough
disassembly of a meme, is used for the construction of
information virii. By creating the metamemetic
structure & organizing & scripting the meme, the
primary, secondary, & mutational elements of the meme
become accessible to the metacultist. Then, within
the structure of the metameme, the memome of the meme
can be replicated, mutated, enhanced,, etc., then
packaged into an information virus w/ which to attract
potential montages.

The montage which does not carry a meme, or
carries a weak or destructive meme, is less valuable
to a society than a montage which carries a strong,
information-rich meme

Metathesis is the natural mutational form of a
memetic structure. When a meme encounters another
meme coterminous with its memotype, there is a
seething of the divergent memomes & metathesis can
sometimes occur, whereby both memes & their attendant
montages swap varying amounts of precepts. The
results of this metathesis can be any of the following:

1 Both memes are absorbed into a third meme.

2 one meme is changed, the other remains intact.

3 Both memes are changed,.

A meme which is self-repairing, self-replicating,
& which has an internal static structure has a greater
chance of resisting metathesis, esp. if the montage is
dedicated solely to one specific meme, rather than the
bearer of multiple memes.

When memes hold opposing paradigmatical views,
the chance of metathesis occurring are virtually nil,
and a memetic clash may occur which could develop into
an armed engagement or competitive matrix of sorts.

Metathesis provides for a large percentage of
current memes. Seldom does an entire memetic
structure arise spontaneously, divorced from the
surrounding memes, rather, memes evolve in lamarkian
fashion, cannibalizing surrounding memes & integrating
memetic precepts, percepts, & concepts into the new
memes structure. When this is done deliberately,
using a metamemetic system, the results can be almost
immediate, creating widespread paradigm shifts across
entire cultures. When a meme is produced by a
committee, consciously & following proper metamemetic
structural designs, the meme can become an egregore.
An egregore is a type of group mind which is created
when people consciously come together for a common
purpose. And egregore has the characteristic of being
a synergetic component of the committee which produced
it, stimulating the faculties of the committee which
will permit the realization of the objectives of the
egregores program.

Reality Piracy is the act of subverting the memetic
makeup of the current cultural landscape towards a
more information-friendly enviroment utilizing the
principles of both the surrealist and the situationist
art movements of this century.

The surrealist movement was an attempt to
transform conscoiusness by bridging the gap between
the conscious and the subconscious mind. The
situationist collective utilized direct intervention
to create a predetermined sequence of events which
they would then maintain utilizing memetic triggers in
an attempt to create satori in the audience, which is
the meme-free state of consciousness.

Reality Piracy is therefore a systematic way to
create a situation whereby the subconscious mind is
exposed to triggers which create a meme-free state of
consciousness which can send information directly into
the subconscious mind to root out and expose the roots
of deep-seated memes, and restructure or rewrite the
memes to suit the purpose of the reality pirate.

~{the use of percepts to distribute concepts, which in
turn promote precepts, is the standard tool of a
reality pirate}~

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