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<< Rich & Linda,

Your post would indicate that you "believe" in supernatural phenomena
such as "spirit" and "being" as though they were a part of the "natural"
world. >>

I really don't think this conclusion was compelling from that post, though I
find it interesting that you found it to be so.

:::pasting their post for reference:::

Rich & Linda Speel wrote:
> Hello from California,
> I joined this list recently by chance of searching for relatives on the
> web. The thread of this list-'memes'-makes some sense to me, because
> people learn from their environment as well as their genetic disposition,
> which to me are not separate realities. But, I think language has its
> limitations to express why people do what they do. How do others on this
> list acknowledge 'spirit' as an influence on life? I don't think
> consciousness is just a chemical occurence, but is connected through the
> nature of 'being'.
> I look forward to seeing this conversation continue.
> Peace,
> Rich

Though supernatural may or may not have been their intent, I can just as
easily see a rejection of greedy reductionism and an embrace of emergent
materialism. Aside from whether they intended supernatural meanings, I think
it is at least as interesting that supernatural meanings were read into that
message where they weren't necessarily compelling.


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