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>No, I don't have an idea myself. But some physician/mathematician, Frank
>has written a book about a future with self replicating space travelling
>which gradually populate the universe (whereafter so much knowledge is
>that the past can be reconstructed in detail so that we are resurrected!!
>Who said that I was speculative?)
>I remember that book. It was called 'The Cosmological Anthropic Principle'
>and was co-authored with John Barrow (if I remember rightly).

no prize :-( The book my Tipler only is called "The Physics of Immortality"
and followed-on from CAP. It pushes the concept of the Omega Point Theory
similar to that done by De Chardin.

It runs along the line of there being no God now but there will be, this
resulting from the expansion of consciousness into the universe..

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