Re(2): Meme Conference

Ilfryn PRICE (
Mon, 17 May 1999 17:03:22 +0100

Date: Mon, 17 May 1999 17:03:22 +0100
Subject: Re(2): Meme Conference
From: (Ilfryn PRICE)


Having also been banned (with less reasson offered) I sympathise with you. Note however that Day 2 of the conference could be
interpreted as a symbiotic alliance of certain traditional acacdemic memes and the meme meme (it arguably benefits both).

Personally I ( or my memes - I care not) have chosen to go to the conference and have an enjoyable day. My own regret is that
they do not seem to have invited any evolutionary econonmists to contribute to the debate.

>I was planning on attending this conference, which will undoubtedly be a
>landmark event in memetics, and write up the conference in a paper for the
>JoM. Unfortunately, a number of research students, (conducting research in
>memetics) have been banned from the critically important second day of the
>conference by the organiser, on the grounds that our PhDs are not yet
>completed (and no, I don't understand the logic either), but I am sure the
>organiser has the issue in hand of imparting the words of wisdom uttered
>during this "closed session" to the relevant journals so we all may benefit.
>But perhaps somebody more qualified than myself (any PhD relevant or not
>will do, I think) will be able to report directly to the JoM?



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