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Date: Fri, 30 Apr 1999 13:37:39 EDT
Subject: Re: JASSS Critical Review of Thought Contagion

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>> I really couldn't give a pair of fetid dingoes kidneys WHO develops
memetics - as long as it is successful.<<

I have a hard time believing this completely. Are you really this
altruistic? Of course I believe you that you want memetics to succeed first,
but I simply can't believe that you don't AT LEAST give a pair of FRESH dingo
kidneys about whether YOUR name gets the stars beside it or not. Regardless
of your statements to the contrary, I would hope that you did.

I would hope that every professional scientist and philosopher invests a
little of their own ego in the undertaking. It ensures that people are
taking it seriously and giving it their best no matter how "ugly" others may
see that reality to be (probably because their egos are involved as well).
What makes this really get ugly is when people do not consciously acknowlege
that reality, or try to claim altruism instead. "Holiness" is really
irritating when people expect you to take it seriously.

Don't worry about responding to this if you don't want to - I know it goes to
intensely personal motivations that you may not wish to get into. But I just
find it humorous when people claim this kind of altruism (but you definitely
aren't unique in doing so), so I feel the need to point it out. Carry on.


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