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Date: Fri, 30 Apr 1999 12:10:21 EDT
Subject: Astrology

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Quoting Aaron in regards to astrology:

a paperless chain letter in some ways, the thought contagion also behaves i=
humans much as a computer virus behaves in computers. Though it does not
erase its hosts=92 memory, it can make it harder to find a partner deemed
"compatible" by arbitrarily narrowing the field. So like a sexually
transmitted microorganism, astrology ideas parasitize human mating for thei=
own reproduction.<<

I would agree that astrology parasitizes human mating behavior - but I would=20
not agree that it strictly narrows the field. I think that it both excludes=20
partners that would otherwise be thought "compatible" and includes partners=20
that might otherwise initially be thought incompatible. These tendencies ar=
reciprocated when the compatible/incompatible partners share a belief in=20

I think it also encourages the parasitized individuals to not think=20
rationally about their relationships once formed (or at least 'excuses' them=20
from some rational thought in that category). Since the dynamics of the=20
relationships have been preordained in the heavens, somewhat or even=20
completely pre-empting any otherwise rational attempts to deal with it. Thi=
undoubtedly provides more opportunities for sexual drives to over-ride=20
attempts - or even eliminate attempts - to subject them to rational control. =20
I mean after all, your signs are "compatible". Who are we to second guess=20
the heavens?


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