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I suppose there is a place for suspicion and paranoia, because
humans are often devious, but even more often they are just devious,
plus fallible, messy, incompetent, forgetful, prone to error and muddle.


Agreed. But suspicion and paranoia traditionally don't enter into
scientific discourse. One may suspect, but one is required to keep such
suspicions to oneself, and not attempt to hawk them around the scientific

Well, there is the scientific community in heaven (or perhaps a platonic
ideal form of the scientific community), and then there is the scientific
community in reality. I suspect reality isn't quite up to the heavenly
standards, and I don't think it ever has been, but it seems to work
regardless. Anyways, I don't know how much a part of the "scientific
community" this EM list is anyways. Certainly the journal itself is, and I
guess for those who publish in it, this list is somewhat an extension of
that. But scientists gotta gossip too and the more informal and responsive
nature of the EM list are probably just a little too evilly tempting for some
of these otherwise angels. Maybe with a little more chastisement, we can
clean up this God-forbidden vicious gossip. That's only to be expected of
the lowlier human forms like lawyers.

:::slinking off into the sewers:::


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