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>> The first of these articles mentions an assortment of Internet sites
concerning memetics. These include alt.memetics, the "Church of Virus,"
"The Meme Gardening Page," "Memes, and Grinning Idiot Press," etc. But it
does not mention JoM-EMIT or any technical/quantitative treatment of
memetics that might have preempted the charge of "cocktail party science"
leveled by H. Allen Orr (quoted by Kher) in the second piece. Perhaps it
was a simple oversight on Dawkins's part. Then again, perhaps he is in some
state of conflict about whether or not he wants memetics to be widely
viewed as serious science.

--Aaron Lynch<<

Well, it sure is fun speculation! But I am sure that it will remain
speculation. Ultimately I don't think memetics will fail at this point due
to any subversive chenanigans of Dawkins. Even if deliberate Zenification of
memetics is a conspiracy to ruin the endeavor, or a conspiracy by those pesky
Zen memes to take over the world, I don't think it would make a much
difference either. Certainly it will keep the leveler heads working to keep
up, but I think memetics will ultimately survive or fail on its own merits.
It has a "life of its own". I mean "meme" is in the OED for Chrissakes!
Anyhow, in the meantime, keep the rumor mills running. The truth is out
there! Trust no one.

"Mulder, are you suggesting . . . .?"



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